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alex & Hounds

I grew up outside of Sarnia in a small community. I studied Veterinary Technician in school and worked at a local clinic for 7.5 years along with brewing and selling Kombucha in my “spare time”. I have always had hobbies such as crafts, art and baking which all led me to explore the world of kombucha brewing and fermenting!

I started out making Kombucha at my house in small personal batches for approximately one year. My quantities became larger and I began sharing it with friends and family while doing research on the health benefits it provided, along  with the great taste, I was hooked.

The feedback I received from people encouraged me to produce larger batches and I began to supply a local Cafe with kegs which quickly took off. Brewing the Kombucha is a labour of love and is very satisfying to watch it develop through the fermentation stages.

Kombucha Hound's name originates from my Greyhounds, I adopted. They enjoy drinking Kombucha along with eating my older Cultures which help them with their digestive problems as well. I want to help spread the word of Greyhound adoptions, treatment along with Kombucha. All my tips and a portion of sales are donated to rotating animal rescue organizations. Even though I am "retired" from being a Veterinary Technician, I still strive to help animals anyway I can. 



It's what's on the inside that counts

About the Hounds

To give you a little bit of insight on why our name and logo here is the story...

I, proudly, rescued two Greyhounds over 12 years ago from Alabama and wish more people could see what loving, affectionate animals they are.  My male greyhound is the logo and face of the company with the bow tie he wears. My Greyhounds enjoy drinking Kombucha added to their food along with older cultures that are dehydrated and fed to them as jerky and treats. They have gut issues, but since I began adding the daily dose of Kombucha it has helped them tremendously.

What KH is doing to help Greyhounds and other dog rescues. 

Kombucha Hound donates a portion of its proceeds and tips towards a Dog Rescue (selected at random).  Greyhounds are treated poorly in certain parts of the world.  Every year, one in eight greyhounds "disappear” after their non-profitable racing career or poor hunting skills are not profitable in money or product.  They are one breed that is solely used for profit. They are exported to other countries for racing, breeding, abandoned, abused, used for meat or killed inhumanely. Racing Greyhounds are usually in a kennel for 23 hours a day. That is no life for any animal! Through our donations, we hope, we can assist in finding some wonderful dogs homes!

Dogs can have Kombucha Too!

Our companions can suffer from the same diseases we do. Adding small amounts of Kombucha to their diet Can be beneficial just like it is for us. Try diluting with water into the kibble daily and monitor for change in coat, energy, GI issues and healing of skin issues.

Older Cultures can be fed to dogs as well. With a slow dehydration process the culture turns into more of a Jerky, with none of those nasty chemicals and bleaches in some commercial products.

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